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smol star adopts?? :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 1 14 My Stars!! :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 1 3 angelic smile :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 3 6 MY SON?!!?!? :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 2 2 oh dear ggo d. :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 1 2 lies! :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 1 0 happy b-day, bo! :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 1 2
Mature content
leafyisgay.............................. :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 1 2
ha ha ha ! classic comedy . :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 3 0 the sequel: sadness :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 2 2
Mature content
this was probably a mistake :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 1 0
P0nyandm3's request :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 1 5 Blue Coral :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 3 15 the boi :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 0 0 happiness :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 1 0 i really like this song :iconmeloettagirl88:Meloettagirl88 1 0


Dark Gems - Amethyst :iconkowskie:Kowskie 236 7 Steven Universe: Favorite Playing :iconneodusk:Neodusk 7,271 593 There you have it kids. I'm gem shipping trash. :iconspacecadetnet:spacecadetnet 10 6 John Cena Adventure :iconcreampuffkitten:CreampuffKitten 12 15 and i will protect you :iconkaeseo:Kaeseo 141 4 Steven Universe 03 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 370 34 oMFG :iconsparkle--bliss:Sparkle--Bliss 62 12 yep :iconnekosmeet:NekoSmeet 63 58 My brave knight- request :icongerugeon:gerugeon 452 356 Anxious :icongemcracked:gemcracked 160 5
Papa Meta Knight
It was chaos.
Black, swirling skies of doom and despair. Blood and rain seeped into the parched ground and ruined battleships lay in disarray. It was so horrible and devastating.
So much pain. So much death. One by one, they all fell. All of his friends died in one single war against the monster that destroyed his world. He watched his world burn, just as he watched his friends fight and get slaughtered. He was alone now. The only one left…all alone…
Then he saw it. The tall figure rise from the black horizon and loom over him like a menacing dark plague. This was it. He was going to die.
The world around him imploded in shadows as he was cornered by the monster. The monster known as Nightmare.
Nightmare raised his hand, ready to strike the death blow. This is it! He was going to die! He was going to die just like his friends had! Just like-!
Meta Knight woke with a startled gasp. He was in a cold sweat and his breath was short and fast. He put his white-gloved hand
:iconthe9tard:The9Tard 252 276
Come Here.... :iconstellasstar:StellasStar 133 205 Meta Knight Is Peeking :iconstellasstar:StellasStar 162 131 Huggies :iconstellasstar:StellasStar 214 130 MK's Candy Jar :icongamerdragon07:Gamerdragon07 62 86


smol star adopts??
so, i thought i'd try and draw some lil adoptables just for the fun of it

they're all free, but if you want one of them you gotta draw them first,,👀👀👀

#1 - unnamed - not taken
#2 - unnamed - not taken
#3 - unnamed - not taken
#4 - calm - taken by ANClENT-AX0L0TL
#5 - brownie - taken by Natalie123456789
#6 - shadow - taken by aquamarinesans
#7 - blanca - taken by aquamarinesans
#8 - frisk - taken by Natalie123456789
#9 - unnamed - not taken
i hope u enjoy using one of these lil dudes for somethin
My Stars!!
so im making some lil smol stars,, a lil Species

comet's kinda shy and scared but loves being with friends and tries her very best
dusty's v happy and kind!!and he often glows when he is happy!
warp w,ould like actualy die fortheir friends???

they like to have fun times in space
one smol star is the size of a piece of popcorn!! tiney children c:
angelic smile
based off a little gif i came across,,, gguys i lvoe him so much i lve him..........
it's michael jackson btw :eyes:

and also a bit of experimenting with more vibrant colors,
blease no arguing about false accusations, itsb bbad, im only here to draw th Pure

thanx :eyes: :eyes:
MY SON?!!?!?
gguys noah fence but fireboy is my actual son???

like... i lovb e both fireboy and watergirl but like.........fireboy son

anyway what
oh dear ggo d.
what was this even supposed to be
like i can tell i was tryna draw dipper but whY THE PONY TAIL??????? was it a female???i dont
im. i think this was one of my first attempts to draw on a chromebook :''')


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Meloettagirl88's Profile Picture
hi! im ella/rob
im just here to make nice arts and memes

i kinda used to act cynical a lot btu confession im a v emotional bean
i like making people laugh too! i lov comedy,,, so i hope u hav a nice and funny time here c:


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Judgement-Senpai Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017
You haven't submitted the required picture before the deadline in :iconsps-headquarters:. Because of this, you are being kicked out of the group. Please don't take this personally. I am only sticking to my words. ^^;
Meloettagirl88 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
ah, sorry about that. i honestly kinda forgot about the group. didn't know there was a picture to be submitted.
it's fine though, i wish you luck in protecting sans with the rest of the squad!
Judgement-Senpai Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
Thank you. ^^
shelby-samwich-SPARE Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Meloettagirl88 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
haha ecks dee what is up 👀👀👀
shelby-samwich-SPARE Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD roflcoptermao
Meloettagirl88 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
raw full mayo
Judgement-Senpai Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016
Hello there, I'm here to thank you watching my shitfest. XD
By curiosity, what do you want to see more of in my gallery? This account was made to entertain my watchers so I want to see what people want to see.
Meloettagirl88 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2016
yaya boi one of the best shitfests 
well uh,, as far as what you already have done goes, it's all p great so i don't know what to recommend there,, but,, i mean- idk pokemon's p cool, that's all i really have in mind now. but if it's not much of a help i could tell you if i think of something later.
but if i could ask you a question, is there a possibility you'd be interested in an art trade,,?? just curious, i've been kinda wanting to do one of those.. idk
Judgement-Senpai Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2016
Sure, we can do an art trade. Mine will take a while to make doe. :T

What do you want to be drawn? All my art trades are usually completely colored and detailed with frames cutting off the feet or knees. I am best drawing humanoids and humans and can't draw backgrounds.

If you are still interested, can you please draw some ship art of SansXTheJudgement? Please don't make it sexual or anything as neither of them really do that sort of stuff. XD
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